Why choose pavers? Pavers are a great alternative to asphalt or poured concrete. They add beauty and value to your home and lower your maintenance costs over time.

How is this accomplished? Pavers are manufactured using pressure and vibration, with the end product being 3-4 times stronger than normal concrete. Because of the increased density, pavers are not as susceptible to freeze and thaw cycles as are other surfaces. While normal concrete will absorb approximately 20% of the water that touches it, pavers will absorb less than 5%. This means less ice during the winter, and less vegetative growth such as algae and moss on the paver surface.

Pavers are stronger not only because of the manufacturing, but also because of the way they are constructed. They distribute weight differently than other pavements, and therefore are able to handle heavier loads. This is one of the reasons why pavers are being used in applications such as airports, shipping ports, ski resorts, and roads all over the world. Places like the Hong Kong International Airport are using pavers for all of the taxiways and aircraft aprons. The Port of Oakland uses pavers as well for storing shipping containers because pavers allow containers to be stacked higher, allowing for more usable space. Whistler Village in British Coumbia, Canada installed pavers throughout the village to handle the loads from the snowplows constantly running over them.

Pavers are able to stand up to the test of time far better than other pavements. Concrete cracks and discolors after only a short while in place, and repairs can be costly. A paver surface is easy to repair as you can simply pick up the area that needs work, fix the problem underneath, and put the same pavers back into place, leaving no evidence that work had been performed there. No discoloration, no ugly patches that don't quite match. Just a beautiful surface that you can enjoy for the life of the installation.



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